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Rapunzel – Westben Festival
"Robert Longo as Matt, Zelda’s father, has an excellent high baritone voice, and he managed to convey that he loves Zelda in a distant way, but is entirely wrapped up in his wife’s writing career (whether he likes it or not)."

Alwyn Horscroft, Cobourg Star


The Chocolate Soldier - Toronto Operetta Theatre
". . . as the Swiss Lieutenant who invades Nadina’s boudoir and eats her chocolate, comes from the world of musical theatre and has the experience, the attractive voice and the matinee-idol good looks to be the perfect leading man."

Opera Canada, Paula Citron


"Longo, with a naturalness and wry humour perfect for the title character, sings a rich baritone that is also bright and agile. He brings out such beauty in Bummerli’s Act 2 song “If We Could Do What We’ve a Mind To” one wonders why it is not excerpted more often."

Stage Door, Christopher Hoyle


Les Miserables - U.S. National Tour
"Valjean’s mortal enemy, the stubborn Javert, is played convincingly by Robert Longo . . . his solo on “Stars” resonated long after his final note."

Pittsburgh Tribune


"In the current production, Robert Longo brings more menace, ultimate anguish and vocal strength to Javert than Richmonders are accustomed to seeing."

Richmond Times Dispatch


Camelot – Alabama Shakespeare Festival
"… a most notable Lancelot…from his deliciously poker-faced “C’est Moi” to his deeply felt “If Ever I Would Leave You.”

Montgomery Advertiser


"…transforms the young knight Lancelot from a pompous, self-righteous bore (defined by his hilarious entrance song, “C’est Moi”) to a troubled, self-knowing victim of his own uncontrollable passions."

Alabama Times Daily


The Legend of the Dumbbells – Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto
"Robert Longo as Bill Redpath . . . a pleasure to hear this kind of singing in a musical . . ."

Toronto Star

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