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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album - a project of love, reminiscent of an Alagna/Gheorghiu collaboration. Two of my favourite selections, One More Year and I'm Not Going Anywhere, present themselves as moving tributes to all long-standing relationships. Through the pairing of your beautiful voices, Bob and Gabrielle, your love for life and culture is clearly expressed in this inspiring collection of songs!

Sylvia Au
Vocal Music Supervisor TCDSB


This “easy-listening” disc of old standards and new songs, sung by the husband and wife team of Gabrielle Prata and Robert Longo is certainly one of the more enjoyable releases of this genre. I am familiar with Prata’s mezzo – the last time I heard her was as a sultry Deliliah for Opera in Concert a few seasons back. This disc shows her versatility – she sings these songs with natural ease, without any hint of diva grandiosity that sometimes invades crossover albums by opera singers. Robert Longo, though classically trained, is better known in musical theatre and operetta. His is a pleasant “baritenor” with an upward extension. He also sings with just the right sensibility for this genre. This disc is a labour of love for the two artists – one can tell the songs are chosen for their special meanings. Everything is sung in English except for the theme song, ‘Non Andrò Via’ (I’m Not Going Anywhere), co-written by Prata and their friend and colleague, Brian Finley. This duet is heard twice on the disc, first in Italian and then in English. Music director and producer Jeffrey Huard has done a terrific job with the arrangements, drawing beautifully idiomatic sounds from the small group of musicians.

Joseph So
La Scena Musicale


Prata and Longo’s new album, I’m Not Going Anywhere, is a charming mix of Broadway standards—ranging from Leonard Bernstein’s “Lucky to be Me” to “Our Children” from Ragtime—as well as pieces from movies and opera.

John Terauds
Toronto Star


This delightful new collection showcases the voices of Gabrielle Prata and Robert Longo who appear frequently with Toronto Operetta Theatre. For their new CD they have chosen mostly musical theatre songs, covering everything from operetta to some of Broadway's latest hits. The programming on this CD is fun, mixing lesser known songs with musical theatre standards. The opening track, "Opposites" comes from the 1965 flop musical Skyscraper and gets the disc off to a brisk start thanks to the light-jazz combo accompaniment.
The mix includes several gorgeous ballads including "Our Children" (Ragtime), and "When Did I Fall in Love" (Fiorello). The title track is a new piece written by Brian Finley with lyrics by Prata that delightfully affirms her committment to her partner, Longo. This CD will be released in September and should be in stores by the time you read this.

Mark Andrew Lawrence
Exposé Entertainment Magazine


It's corny but true: Robert and Gabrielle make beautiful music together. A wonderfully stylish collection of songs which run the gamut from wordy and clever to tender and intimate. Although they do sing star turns on this disc: a Habanera to end all Habaneras from Gabrielle  and Lucky to be Me from Robert - listen especially for the tender connection between these two when they sing Our Children or I'm not Going Anywhere (The title track) The strength  of their fine voices  and the warmth of their relationship come through loud and clear. The arrangements are by some of the top theatre musicians around which give great variety and flow to the CD as a whole.

Mary Lou Fallis
Bathroom Divas


What an achievement...a beautiful labour of love....a dream come true.... Gabrielle, I LOVE your title song “I’m Not Going Anywhere.'  You've written, in my opinion, a song couples everywhere will be listening to...at celebrations, family gatherings, weddings and anniversaries...you must get the sheet music of it out there! 
EVERY song seems to me to have been carefully and lovingly chosen... speaking about, reflecting upon, and romping through so many aspects of a loving relationship....so rare...so fun, so passionate, so poignant...and your voices so beautifully resonate this fun and love and passion in the messages of these songs...blending beautifully at a soul level...and complimenting one another so well....
Such wonderful arrangements, fabulous band, great playing.....very, very moving for me...

Susan Gilmour


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